~kokoro kara~=~from heart~

tomorrow, i will be having an English test...
so, now i think, i want to post what i want to say in English...
my English are not so good,, so,, please do not comment anything about my English okay!

today's evening, i played badminton...
well,, it,s not that i went for badminton cause i want to,, but
i went there for credits,, huhu,,
it,s included in my timetable..
and i HAVE to go.. ok
this evening was my 3rd or 4th time already,, i think so,,
can.t remember so well..
of course, there are only me and my friend (pay attention that it is NOT friendS)
who are alien(Japanese call non-Japanese alien in English) in the hall,,
whether i want it or not,, i HAVE (again) to play with Japanese...

well, Japanese people really have manners.. GOOD manners..
i can see that too.. why did i say so... well..
let see..
when u play badminton with your partner (of course u need to have a partner!)
then, u start to hit orrrr serve(not sure about the words) the shuttle to your partner
the shuttle went right to your partner place (where the partner stand, to be more precise)
unluckily, your partner unable to hit back the shuttle due to some skill problem
(can't play well actually)
what will you do??
will u apologize to your partner??
will u say "oh, i'm sorry"??
or u will say "ah, my bad"??
well,, these so call mannered-Japanese did all of that...
impressive,, right???????? (just admit it)

so, me,, as a "DUTA kecil" for my beloved Malaysia,,
i HAVE(one more time) to be well mannered too,,
so that, they won't say..
"nanda maresya no hito,, mana nanka nai ka!!"
which means
"what the heck Malaysians,, don't they have manners!!"
well,, as i said,, i HAVE(i just like this word) to do it..

and one more thing,,
we need to play non-stoply for about one hour and half..
and for that looooooong time,,
can you imagine,, how many time that u will have to serve and hit back and can't hit back and shuttle goes down and "i'm sorry" and serve again and hit back and can't hit back and shuttle goes down and "my bad" and serve again~~~~~~ it goes on for 90, NINETY MINUTES!!
u can't tell how many times the words sorry went out from your mouth..
then,, the words have become a habit while u playing..
what i'm trying to say is..
the "i'm sorry" words didn't come truly, sincerely from your heart..
no matter how many times u say it,, it doesn't touch one's heart..
wasn't it a WASTE???!!

p/s: first time menaip xde kuar garisan merah berketak-ketak bwh perkataan tuh,, hehe

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