~owatta!!~ ~the end~

ops,, ops,, don't be sad coz the title is the end,,
it's not that this blog will meet its end..
my English exam.. the end of it..
but,, the result are still not in my hand,,
so, i can't really said the end of it.. huhu
(ske ati aku la kan)
if i able to get 860 marks above,, i could get free credits for English subject for the whole 4 years here..
yeah!! 860 MARKS!!just forget it ruby..! =(

but its just okay for me to go to the English class..
the teacher,, perh! stylo!! bestEST ah!! haha
plus, it's the ONLY class that i can say, "ah, i'm better than them"
not to be bragged, but, could u please give me a break from NIHONGO!!
(nihon=jepun, go=bahase)

the exam have 200 questions..
listening 100 questions,, reading 100 questions..
there were one part in the listening test..
called questions and response,,

When will the meeting be held?
A. Yes, i will be in charge of the meeting.
B. This evening.
C. I don't think i can go there.

here, i would like to thanks Malaysia government for making English as a second language..
helps me a LOT! 


  1. xpayah listen pon da tau jwpn!haha~

  2. tahu x pe.. tpi,, da over confident kang,, masalah gak,, dibuat nye kite salah,, xke jatoh standed je.. hehe